We are on a mission to increase value of the companies so that owners can enjoy free time and freely decide how to invest it

Did you know, that most entrepreneurs earn less as if they would be well-paid employees?

Success of company use to be measured by revenue or number of employees. While it can give some insight about the size of the company, it does not say anything about benefits this company provides to the owners. 

More than 90% of entrepreneurs earn less as if they would be well-paid employees. Almost 10% of remaining entrepreneurs must be involved in daily operations in order of the company to stay on the market. In the long run, it brings frustration and feeling of being trapped in the rat race regardless of the size of the company.

Just small fraction of entrepreneurs enjoy free time and can decide how to invest it. Whether to spend time with family and friends, traveling, starting new business lines, or simply moving company even further.

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Suitable for start-ups with some revenue to companies with revenue up to 30 mil. EUR.